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Participation at a fair should be seen as a combined sales and marketing effort for the company – therefore it is a good idea to draw up a detailed plan for your participation.

Before the fair:
Set a budget – what are the measurable expectations for the fair?
Please develop sales targets for each salesperson attending the fair (for example, the goal may include the sale in the first 4-5 weeks after the fair, so that follow-up sales are included).
Consider electronic data collection options – check the leadcollection in the Exhibitor guide.

  • Which named companies should visit your exhibition stand?
  • What dialogue would you like to have with each of these companies?
  • Does it require technical staff at the stand?

It is recommended to train in these considerations and arguments at a sales meeting just before the fair.
For example, prioritize in A, B and C customers/potential customers and plan how each one should be informed/invited.
Plan carefully before the fair which customers should receive special attention during the exhibition days.

Follow up on personal invitations. This greatly increases the possibility of a visit if your company has had contact and told the individual that a visit to your booth will be appreciated.

After the fair:
Follow-up, follow-up and more follow-up.

If no time is budgeted for follow-up, the air goes out of the balloon quite quickly.
Therefore, it is crucial for successful trade fair participation that there is a very high focus on follow-up on all relevant topics – especially in the first 3 – 4 weeks after the fair.

In addition, it is very important that experience is quickly picked up.



During the fair:
Be sure that all the company’s employees focus on both the company’s goals with the fair, as well as personal goals.
A good way to focus is to follow up on the plans every morning before the fair opens and adapt the day’s activities. Which customers/potential customers are we going to engage with today?

Perhaps the day before has brought new angles:
A new way to present your products or customer questions has shown that your product range has expanding applications. A knowledge that you must of course ensure will be shared with your colleagues at the booth.

A fixed morning ritual helps to make sure that there is a greater chance that the individual picks up and remembers to pass on success opportunities.

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