VTM Summit, postpone


It is with the greatest regret that we ones again must postponed VTM Summit.

Because of huge delivery problems with the machines, VTM Summit 2022 must unfortunately be postpones again. We have learned that several exhibitors have encountered challenges, so great that they cannot get machines forward.

We also know that our visitors come to look at the machines, and no machines will have a negative effect on the visit interest in VTM Summit. The visitors expect to see the top of what the industry can offer, and when we due to delivery problems can no longer offer it, we had to make this difficult choice to postpone VTM Summit.

In collaboration with the specialist committee behind VTM Summit, we have decided to move the fair to a new term in the spring of 2023.

In the coming time, we will submit additional information regarding the new term and what it specifically means for you as an exhibitor.

If you have questions before then, you are, of course, very welcome to contact me.

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